Visual inspection of all underwater structures at different depths, performing various operations and mechanical missions as well as receiving the required data through embedded sensor.

ROVs have different categories and working classes. Installing the transmitter of the underwater positioning system on these robots makes it possible to determine the instantaneous position of the fixed and moving underwater objects including ROV and subsurface structures. This potentiality also increases the safety of the operations.

MSA Company offers ROV support services including the equipment and the team to fulfill  underwater inspection operation of all structures requested by the clients  based on the offshore projects international standards considering the total safety of the equipment and the personnel.

To have our services in this field, contact our ROV department and the operation supervisor. Accordingly by holding the related meetings and finding out the project requirements, we provide a better subsurface monitoring and inspection services.

Due to the diversity of ROV systems as well as its various applications in marine and offshore environments, dams and lakes, water resources and reservoirs, firstly the type of device and the desired operational depth must be determined and the underwater conditions including obstacles and hazards must be clarified. Then the project will be followed according to SOW and defined ROV procedures.

MSA is ready to carry out various ROV projects in the country as well as throughout the Middle East. An experienced and well-trained international executive team along with up-to-date equipment in the field of underwater inspection and monitoring is ready to provide 24 hours services to receive the client’s confirmation about the final results of the operation.

  • Inspection of dams, reservoirs and underwater pipelines
  • Inspection and monitoring of subsurface cables
  • Performance of non-destructive testing of marine structures
  • Research and oceanography projects
  • Inspection and monitoring of platforms and subsurface pipelines
  • Inspection and search of the seabed for wrecked objects and equipment
  • Free Span Detection
  • Supporting the jacket installation and the pipe laying projects
  • Diving project support
  • Drilling project support
  • Underwater monitoring

Seaeye Falcon 300m

The Seaeye Falcon and Falcon DR are the choice of many leading operators for capability versatility and the ability to get the job done. Lightweight and portable they go where they’re needed inshore, offshore, down tunnels or for flyaway operations. Available with a choice of options tools and accessories, Seaeye Falcons make an ideal platform for achieving numerous intricate and demanding subsea applications.

Seaeye Falcon 300m System Comprising:

-300m standard Falcon ROV -Surface power, monitor and controller
-350m umbilical on hand operated winch -Seaeye colour video camera
-Monochrome camera -Imagenex 881A scanning sonar with Laptop and software
-Lock-latch launch and recovery device -Single function manipulator with soft line cutter
-Remote location spares kit -Seaeye Falcon ROV can be supplied with optional CP or UT inspection equipment

Seaeye Cougar-XT

The Seaeye Cougar-XT is a compact highly flexible and extremely powerful electric ROV with working depths of 2000 metres. Proven worldwide and recognised for its capability operators now have the ability to undertake a range of demanding work tasks at much lower operating costs.

Seaeye Cougar-XT is designed to accommodate heavier duty tooling via a system of quick-change tool skids making it ideal for survey work, drill support, light construction projects and salvage support operations. Four vectored horizontal and two vertical brushless SM7 500 Volt DC thrusters provide
full three dimensional control of the Seaeye Cougar-XT and the highest thrust to weight ratio in its class.